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Womanize is the new era of women who decide to be who they want to be.
Resignifying the word “womanize” used by well known artist Britney Spears.
We introduce a new chapter in Ricagno dedicated to those women who choose to express themselves freely.


This is an invitation to hear your own voice.

Mother and daughter join the last episode of this new chapter for Ricagno.
The shoes that travel from generation to generation.
“I chose the woman i wanted to become. Trying my mother’s shoes. Playing the
grown-up girl. Deciding who i wanted to be, not just who i should be. Feeling
empowered. Choosing to be independent” says Fafi Ricagno, creative director at Ricagno.
“Everything that happens around Ricagno is nothing more than a faithful reflection of the woman Fabiana is” says Olivia, scriptwriter and director of Womanize.
Fabiana (Creative Director) and Mariana (Marketing leader) both work at Ricagno.
¨At Ricagno we work side by side between all areas. Teamwork brings spectacular results.¨ says Mery.
¨My mother is my mentor, I deeply admire her for her desire to create and look
forward. We have a unique complicity and we inspire each other¨.

In this video we feature LOSANA, sleek white ankle boots italian-crafted from most exquisite lamb leather, designed with a dramatic point toe and subtly embellished with black stitch details, & YIRA pump, black and white
pumps crafted from Italian patent leather.

Written and Directed by Olivia Parra
Produced by Toribio Montes de Oca
DOP Clara Obarrio
Art Direction Francisca Gonzalez del Solar & Candela Garcia Rico
Styling Segundo Etchebehere
Make up & Hair Julieta Fernandez Llanos
Sound Director Camila Diaz Costilla
Still Photography Macarena Molina
Assistant Director Juliana Capparelli
Assistant Producer Josefina Gimenez Bussinelli
Editor Valentina Fragueiro Frias
Color Grade Clara Obarrio
1 AC Micaela Lauro
Gaffer Juan Pedriel
Electric Luciana Arzich
Making Of Clara Mihailovitch
Graphic Design Renata Stamadianos
Location CABRAL Real Estate
Thanks Patricia Deane, Mariana Bisso, Marcela Naón, Fabiana Ricagno, Facundo
Arena, Panorama Films & Rental