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Womanize is the new era of women who decide to be who they want to be.
Resignifying the word “womanize” used by well known artist Britney Spears.
We introduce a new chapter in Ricagno dedicated to those women who choose to express themselves freely.

This is an invitation to feel free to express yourself.
H3 is a dancing crew where Belen Aragón, Felicitas Angelillo and Florencia Ezcurra are part of.
¨Dancing is one of the things that moves my life the most. It is a great way to
express and to fill myself with positive energy; It makes me very happy!* says
Belen who dances since she was very little.
“I know the girls for a few years now and i am thrilled to have them in this project.
The minute i had to think about inviting someone to express freely, the crew came into my mind” says Olivia, scriptwriter and director of Womanize.
The crew is wearing OTARIA SHORT in Grey & Green (pointed toe ankle boots, Otaria is crafted from luxurious Italian suede and lamb leather. A unique metal spring around the heel features the enchanting detail) & ARGENTO in Bordeaux (slingback sandals crafted from velvet and Italian bordeaux nappa).

Written and Directed by Olivia Parra
Produced by Toribio Montes de Oca
DOP Clara Obarrio
Art Direction Francisca Gonzalez del Solar & Candela Garcia Rico
Styling Segundo Etchebehere
Make up & Hair Julieta Fernandez Llanos
Sound Director Camila Diaz Costilla
Still Photography Macarena Molina
Assistant Director Juliana Capparelli
Assistant Producer Josefina Gimenez Bussinelli
Editor Valentina Fragueiro Frias
Color Grade Clara Obarrio
1 AC Micaela Lauro
Gaffer Juan Pedriel
Electric Luciana Arzich
Making Of Clara Mihailovitch
Graphic Design Renata Stamadianos
Location CABRAL Real Estate
Thanks Patricia Deane, Mariana Bisso, Marcela Naón, Fabiana Ricagno, Facundo
Arena, Panorama Films & Rental