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TAMARA X RICAGNO collaboration rises from the creation of a capsule collection with Tamara Kalinic, one of the most influential digital talent on the international scene.

Tamara’s charisma, sense of aesthetics and determination have made her the natural ambassador for Ricagno. At Ricagno we believe that innovation is the outcome of teamwork, of listening to other voices. This is the secret behind the magic that TAMARA X RICAGNO collaboration brings up.

The shoes in this capsule represent Ricagno’s way of thinking and doing: free, dynamic, joyful, daring change and being original.

Ricagno speaks of purposeful women with versatile initiatives and solid values. Passionate women, determinted to make their dreams come true. Women who stand strong and walk straight, women who walk with an accent. Ricagno is a brand founded and managed by women, who create freely and create a style that bonds classic patterns with disruptive elements, merging in a daring design, unique as the women wearing it.

Tamara’s love for aesthetics was inspired by the strong women of her family in a journey that took her from pharmacist to a successful entrepreneur and a taste maker. Tamara has been recognized in the last few years as a charismatic f­igure in the fashion industry, empowering thousands of people around the world. By being an ambassador for the worlds most iconic fashion brands, she has been named among the “TIMES top 100 inf­luencers of 2019”.