About the Designer



I am porteña, born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In this country, I grew up and became a mother, lawyer, politologist, and design entrepreneur, in that order.

Since I was born, I have lived surrounded by women. Women who contributed their creative power, women who lived ahead of their time, anticipating the current Era of Women. With values, with love, dedication, elegance, and a freedom that was unusual for the times. 

Within this matriarchy, I chose the woman I wanted to become. Trying my mother’s shoes. Playing the grown-up girl. Deciding who I wanted to be, not just who I should be. Feeling empowered. Choosing to be independent. Believing in myself and growing my inner self. Being proactive, and challenging myself to become a wiser person.

I became a mother at the age of 20 and had to rethink my path without taking shortcuts. Control organizes me and sorts out what comes next: my family and work. Building a home, working hard to strengthen my professional development, and reaching where I dream to be. Relentless.

I look back with pride at the journey I have taken, and that is why the feeling of home is alive in me today: the importance of doing everything with love. Good love. The only love that is real. Love for details, for transformation, for what is unique.

High heels embody that transformation. Walk with an accent. Walk straight. Choose how you stand to face life. I live on high heels all day and feel secure. I recall the little girl I was, trying on my mom’s shoes.

My journey in shoe design started with the fascination and infatuation for making that transformation happen, for walking those shoes, for letting me be carried by them, for watching them, choosing them and collecting them. That collection is timeless. It is a one-off event. It’s alive. It breathes.

My search, my passion for collection and my analysis of the meaning of female shoes have led me to study design with the goal to breathe new life into my vision. I studied in London, at the renowned Central Saint Martins, where I started to shape the personality and the creative proposition of my brand.

Always on high heels, I pursue research, study and design to express my voice as a woman, through Ricagno, the brand.

That’s me.