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About the Designer

About the Designer

Porteña at heart, I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I grew up to become every woman: a loving mother, a committed lawyer, a political scientist, and a passionate design entrepreneur. Ever since I was born, my life was surrounded by women who mentored my creativity and inspired my world; women who lived ahead of their time, anticipating the current Era of Women. All women who stood out for their kindness, their generosity, their strong dedication to personal and business issues, and their elegant freethinking. This matriarchy shaped the decision of the woman I would become. I made a choice on who I would be, no matter who I should be. Independent. Confident. Self empowered.

My journey in shoe design mirrors the determination and the caring dedication to detail that drove every step of my life. A little girl who proudly tried on her mom´s shoes and pretended to be an adult. A 20 years old mother who embraced setbacks and learnt to build a family. A wiser grown up who kept the fascination for walking those heels, for being carried by them, for watching them, choosing them and collecting them. My search, my passion for collection and my understanding of the meaning of female shoes led me to study design with the goal to bring my vision to life. A few years ago, I made it real and applied for shoe design at London´s Central Saint Martins, where I started to shape the personality and the creative proposal of my brand. A brand that invites you to face life, to walk straight. Standing strong. On high heels.

Enjoy my timeless collection for you. With love. From me.