Dreamt in Buenos Aires.

A neighborhood within a neighborhood.

The capital of Argentina and one of the major cities in Latin America.

Cosmopolitan, with a markedly eclectic urban profile. A mosaic of styles brought by immigrants: art-deco, art nouveau, neo-gothic and bourbon French, hence the city came to be known as the “Paris of America.”

Out of this wonderful and unique mix -an unrepeatable recipe- emerge our dreams, our identity, our music and the melody that sets our pace.

A world in 2x4 style.

Tango | Sedu

Typical dance of the River Plate region, marked by slow movements and a diversity of swift steps, in which the partners move in an embrace to the rhythm of the accordion and other instruments.

Musical composition, with 2x4 tempo, for that dance.

The sound of the River Plate.

The sensual dance ahead of its time, which tells stories of magic realism in 'lunfardo' slang.


Crafted in Milan.

High End | Italian Craftsmanship

A quest for sophistication, an almost obsessive attention to detail.

Finding materials of the highest quality and originality. Achieving carefully crafted, tailor- made products. This quest led us to Milan, the cradle of footwear. Some kilometres away from this great fashion hub, in a small quarter, we finally found the craftsman we were looking for.

The work of craftsmen, with an industrial spirit. In a nutshell, this is what the philosophy of shoe making is about. Many of its main tasks are still carried out by hand, with the same care and artistry as in 1944, the year when the first shoe of their craftsmen was produced.

Leather is a fundamental element in the shoe, and that is why it deserves our full attention: each skin is carefully selected, and manually cut and trimmed, choosing the best pieces.

Of the approximately 50 operations involved in producing quality shoes, assembly is certainly a key part of the process. For that reason, it is accurately performed by hand, checking each shoe against the compass to ensure the precision of the operation and to guarantee perfect footwear.

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