About Ricagno

Ricagno is a timeless brand. Its ageless stilettos cut across the seasons and stand by you every step of the way.

They are tied neither to a specific time nor to the trends of any definite season.

Their creator, Fabiana Ricagno, is intensely connected with her emotions, creativity and experiences. For that reason, in the origin of a collection, there are different moments, stories, contexts and expressions co-existing and adding their wealth at the moment of designing each model.

In your life there are quiet days of simple beauty that give you the opportunity to move with a simple style. There are other, intense and singular days, with concrete needs. There are other days of celebration, and one has to be up to it.

On every occasion there is a pair of shoes for you. Telling your own story, you choose your shoes and add them meaning.

They are all designed and made for many hours of nonstop use without losing the pleasure of having them on, because their materials and handcrafting are unique.

They are made to walk with you all the way, while your experiences enrich them.

There is a story behind each Ricagno shoe, and your story comes ahead of each model.   

Find yourself in each collection. We invite you to embellish your self-esteem, that quality that makes you unique.

Walk. Continue making history.