They are not shoes of an era; they do not depend on the timeframe, and much less on the idea of a collection, which would turn them out of fashion.

By contrast, they are alive, transiting stories that make you feel them yours.

Look at them and look at them again: it’s always love at first sight.

There are clear, colorful days, of a simple beauty, when you need to move around with a neat style.

There are other days, exuberant, textured, with specific definitions; and other celebration days that demand you to live up to the occasion.

Our stilettos are made for you to wear them always, adding them value through your experiences.

Let them raise you.

Their materials and craftsmanship are unique.

Each pair has a beautiful story behind, and your story forward.

Find your own moments in each of our models.

Walk on. Keep making history.

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